Who I Am

It was fall of ’96, freshly graduated from law school, when I landed my first attorney job – it was with one of the largest bankruptcy law firms in Memphis. I had conducted several interviews with other types of firms, but nothing seemed to click. My first boss was an incredible man. He taught me that every person that walks in the door matters, young or old, poor or middle-class, white or black, educated or uneducated. It was my job to represent each individual to the best of my ability and to always, always, respect my clients, my position, and those with whom I practice before. One of my most memorable cases, was representing an indigent woman. She had lots of medical issues that prevented her from working and she also had a student loan creditor that would not stop hounding her. She was already in a frail state of mind, but the stress of the student loan phone calls and threats was about to send her overboard. It was the morning of trial, I had been up most of the night anxious, excited, but also confident, that the little person was going to win. I was literally at the office, about to head to court, when student loan’s counsel called and conceded to the dischargeability of the debt – my first major win and great news for my client. Since then, I have filed thousands of bankruptcy cases, discharged millions of dollars of debt, saved hundreds of homes from foreclosure, saved cars from repossession and stopped countless wage garnishments. All of this, to enable my clients to become debt free and have hope that their situation can improve. I have truly been blessed to experience such a rewarding career.

Fast forward to 2009, I’m living in Nashville working for a small bankruptcy law firm but feeling the call to go out on my own. It was a big decision, to hang my own shingle, but if that was what I was called to do, I knew I was protected. It’s been nearly seven years since I opened “Hope Law Office.” The name says it all – I’m here to provide hope, to walk your through a difficult time and to bring you out on the other end, debt free with a fresh future ahead.

Today, I pride myself in maintaining a small-firm feeling by personally treating each client and case with extreme care and consideration. You will meet and deal with me from the minute you walk into the office through the completion of your case. You will have my direct phone number and direct email address for any questions that you may have. I will answer the phone personally – the old fashion way! This is the personal service you will receive at Hope Law.

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Hope Law is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.